Experiment – Wine Vinegar Mother


I read an article a few months ago about making your own red wine vinegar at home using a vinegar mother. Here’s the article.
Unfortunately I was unable to locate a Canadian supplier online for a vinegar mother. Several online sources mentioned that it was possible to grow your own mother from raw vinegar, as it should contain traces of mother (pasteurization kills the mother) so I purchased some Eden brand raw red wine vinegar (the only raw brand I could locate at the organic grocery) and created a 50/50 mix of raw vinegar to my favourite Shiraz (Creekside).
That was on June 7th. Two months later it smells and tastes like red wine vinegar and while I can’t specifically see a gelatinous mother forming when I hold it up to a light there is this bubbly thick look to the vinegar at the bottom of the jar. Assuming it works, I also still need to get my hands on a vinegar pot.
Updates to follow in the future, if anyone knows of a Canadian mother source please let me know.


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