One of the things we were looking forward to most about be able to have large vegetable gardens at the new house, was that we would be able to grow lots of garlic. I purchased some of the garlic from a local gardener at the farmers market and some from the organic grocery store (hence I do not know what kind it is, but the cloves were fairly large with purple-tingled silver skinned).

In early October I planted 60 cloves in a four foot by five foot plot using the minimum recommended space guidelines along with some composted manure and coconut coir. I sprinkled hen manure on the top to discourage the squirrels (they won’t eat it but will still dig it up – by the way hen manure is a great organic option to keep the squirrels away from pretty much anything, including flower bulbs).

And sure enough come spring it all sprouted.


It was an extremely warm spring, and by early June we were snipping garlic scapes to eat. They are really lovely.


By the middle of July 2/3rds of the leaves had gone brown from the bottom up so it was time o harvest (I know some people don’t harvest until the entire plant has died back).

They spent a week drying in the sun room (shaded from direct sun) and are now hanging in the basement. I will give them a little more space next year as the heads were about 75% of the size of the planted cloves.



This fall I am aiming to sow at least one hundred cloves which might last us a year.
This year I have ordered some Inchelium Red garlic, as well as some Egyptian Walking Onions which have always fascinated me. I will also plant some fall shallots after further research, I wasn’t happy with the yield from those I planted this spring.


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One Response to Garlic

  1. Allison says:

    So awesome! I wish I could grow my own garlic…

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