Experiment – Growing Sweet Potato Slips

Next year we’re going to plant some sweet potatoes and I want to grow the slips from scratch. I noticed two weeks ago that one our sweet potatoes had started to sprout so I thought some early experimenting might be in order. I did some Internet searching and eventually landed on these instructions which are clear and straight forward.

As our sweet potato was already sprouting I didn’t cut it in half, but otherwise have been following those instructions.



I will plant a couple into large pots, as it seems wasteful not to plant them. I will try and finish them in the sunroom and we’ll see what we get. Looking forward to getting some into the ground next spring.



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One Response to Experiment – Growing Sweet Potato Slips

  1. I tossed a sweet potato into the compost pile a couple of months ago and the vine has taken over! I plan on cutting slips from it soon and will definitely check out your link to see how to properly root them.

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