Part 2 of Behold the Melon

Post by Erinn

I have been coveting my single surviving melon for several weeks, visiting it daily and providing periodic sprinklings of hen manure in the surrounding area to dissuade the creatures from doing a dine and dash. Sometimes in the darkened hours of evening, I would surreptitiously peruse the cycle of the melon life on my iPad, gloating with a quiet happy sigh.


Suddenly a few weeks ago the color quickly faded to white from green and not long after that some lovely hopeful orange splotches appeared. On Monday when I shifted it slightly to check the bottom I realized to my horror (okay probably just dismay) that the stem had already detached, who knows how long before! So we brought it into the kitchen, gave it a hasty bath, took a couple photos (I have developed this absurd urge to photograph everything lately) and then we dove in with the knife, quickly doing the deed. We sniffed, pretty much smells like a cantaloupe we were both thinking, but didn’t utter aloud (it just seemed disrespectful). The melon baller was procured from the drawer of gadgets (at Andrew’s insistence) and the tasting began.


Okay truth be told, I think it must been detached for several days, it was not particularly sweet, but we ate it anyway, of course. And I now have lots of seeds to try again next year, when they might get a chance to grow up one of the old wooden ladders that will be out in the vining sections of the garden next year.

If you are interested in this French heirloom, I have included the description from The Cottage Gardener that seduced me into buying it in the first place.



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