There are a heck of a lot of tomatoes in a bushel

While out grocery shopping with my son on Sunday, I bought a bushel of lovely Roma tomatoes on a whim of “oh it’s a holiday weekend I’ll make tomato sauce tomorrow.” I had never done this large a canning batch before, but figured I could pull it off. Saturday night I froze a couple trays and roasted several trays, but that hardly made a dent.


I studied the Bernardin canner tomato sauce and pizza sauce recipes and started in around noon the next day after picking/puttering around in the vegetable gardens in the morning. I finished around six o’clock. Lessons learned? I need a tomato mill. No, I REALLY need a tomato mill. I should have ate lunch between making the sauce and canning the sauce. I covet a six burner gas stove. Ripe tomatoes will not wait for a cooler day to be canned. Ninety degrees in September is just wrong. I need to look into pressure canning for next year, so I don’t accidentally poison any loved ones with not-acidic-enough tomatoes. My feet still hurt, I am a total pussy.

There are a lot of tomatoes in a bushel:


We ended up with about 12 liters of sauce, I didn’t cook it down quite as much as the recipe suggested or I would have been canning all night. Next year I’ll start first thing in the morning and trick people into helping me. Additional photos follow, next year I’m going to do 2 or three over a long weekend. Can’t wait to eat this over the winter.







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2 Responses to There are a heck of a lot of tomatoes in a bushel

  1. I buy a fair bit from the farmers market for preserving as we manage to eat right away most of what we grow. :)

  2. tootlepedal says:

    You could always hide a light under a bushel if you have one handy. We never have enough crop of anything to preserve except by making jam or freezing a little.

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