Part 2 – Green Currant Tomato “Capers”


An update to the green currant tomato experiment post from a couple weeks ago. They are awesome! They look a bit like overcooked peas and the taste has more than a hint of sun dried tomato. The orange ones that ripened slightly over the first couple of days in the fridge taste slightly more tomato-y than the green ones but they’re both good. They shrunk considerably (expected) and aren’t mushy (had my fingers crossed). I’ve finished them in a grey sea salt brine with a bit of citric acid, hopefully they won’t go mushy. They’re going to be great on pizza, on salad or on tacos.


For the next batch I’m trying tomatoes of all ripeness.


I’ll let you know how the riper ones turn out!



Want to give it a try? Cover whatever small item you’re “capering” in salt and put it in the fridge. Rinse and re-salt after a week, repeat again after another week. Rinse and store in a brine in the fridge, not sure how long they will keep this way, guess we’ll see. If you give this try with anything, I would love to see your results.


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