Update on Wine Vinegar

I was very excited when my vinegar of mother arrived from Northampton Wine and Beer this week. After not being able to find a Canadian source after much scouring of “the internets” I was very happy to come across an American source that would ship across the border. Mark Larrow provided wonderful customer service – just know that if you pick the 1st class (ahem cheaper) shipping with no tracking they will not guarantee your order, but mine arrived shipshape in a week.


I immediately ran into the sunroom to check it out in bright light, you can see above the little hunk of mother floating at the bottom (photo in hand below). In my research about wine vinegar one of the comments repeated often was about using vinegar that you like to drink. As such I knew my first batch would be made from a Creekside Laura’s Red from down the highway in Jordan Station. Most sites recommend making your vinegar in a crock with a plastic spigot in the bottom, as the new mother forms on top and some people like to keep a perpetual pot going, but since I still haven’t managed to procure one I used a large glass jar (about a gallon) and I’ll wrap it with a towel and just leave it for the full three months without adding additional wine to maximize my chances for first success and hopefully growing some new mother for use in the next batch(es).

Photos follow below, jar of vinegar and mother added with some water and wine to the jar which was covered in a few layers of cheesecloth and is now resting comfy and warm wrapped in a towel on the upright freezer. I’ll let you know in three months how it turns out.





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5 Responses to Update on Wine Vinegar

  1. Chris says:

    Hi there, I’ve really enjoyed your posts on vinegar making! You were finding the one with the starter had a better taste, could you elaborate?

    I’ve started some with Bragg’s cider vinegar, last week, so it’s still baby. I can’t quite justify $40 on importing a starter, but if its really a lot better…I love quality good, for a person home made food :)

    When I called a couple of local brew shops they seemed to think i might be a little crazy looking to buy what they consider a mark of failure…lol

    • hi Chris thanks for your feedback… :) actually the 2nd generation batch from the raw vinegar was a lot better than the first, I just bottled it last week – and the white Riesling I started with Braggs is coming along nicely as well… when I do the next vinegar post I’ll be recommending people just start from raw rather than buying a mother – you just don’t need to – but you need more patience :) good luck let me now how yours turns out. ~Erinn

      • Chris says:

        Well Erinn, thanks for letting me know – that makes me very happy! I’m on my way to making all kinds of wonderful vinegar…I hope! I’ll be making fruit wine just to make vinegar :) A co-worker told me today his grandparents make vinegar, so I might get some mother from them – nice surprise I never even suspected! I was asking if they made different wines.

        I’ve been playing about with fermenting a few things, milk and water kefir being staples, and sauerkraut I was somewhat cautious about, but I refrigerated it pretty early and it is very yummy.

        Fun with food!


  2. Laurie says:

    I’ve never made vinegar. I look forward to reading about how yours turns out.

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