Fall Cleanup (Really Photo Extravaganza)

Started pulling out tomato plants today (still loads to go) and I have to say this summer was so unusually hot that for once I am looking forward to autumn and yes even winter (already dreaming of the new seed catalogs and planning the 2013 layouts).

I have so enjoyed taking photos for this blog this post is really a photo catchup of what’s been going on here.

We discovered via a family connection someone who raises hens organically for food once a year, so for the first time we will be enjoying some very local meat. Photos below as chicks and at 15 days.


The Mammoth Russian sunflower has finally become a bird and squirrel buffet but fortunately we got there first and hope to grow many more next year.


I have saved lots of seed for next year’s garden and set the tomato seeds fermenting in jars a few days ago for a few that I’ll grow again next year.


The carrots were harvested today (have an autumn planting Paris Market ones still on the way) and I’m rather pleased with them.


We harvested the basil (saved some seeds) and turned it into pesto (the colour in the photo doesn’t look as good as it smelled).


We’re going to eating a lot TBA green tomatoes the next week or two and I came across this extremely confused specimen.


I picked the last of the still green currant tomatoes today and tomorrow they will start on the road to becoming our winter supply of “capered” green tomatoes which are fabulous on pizza.


Back in the kitchen, I made some jalapeño queso blanco to go with taco dinner last night with friends.


And finally… I love having leftovers for lunch while taking a break from the garden. I literally cannot stop taking photos of everything!



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2 Responses to Fall Cleanup (Really Photo Extravaganza)

  1. Great photos here ~ I especially like the one of the squirrel dangling from the sunflower. And your carrots are gorgeous!

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