Fall arrives with shots of the first frost

Time seems to settle down to a more leisurely pace after the first frost.


The tomatoes and peppers were harvested in time, much of the garden is already cleared out and next year’s seeds are drying on small plates in the sunroom or already tucked away into their brown paper coin envelopes.


The gas fireplace in the sunroom is turned on again most mornings to take off the chill and the squirrels are starting to put on their winter chubbiness. I have (over)optimistically protected the purple sprouting broccoli (which has yet to sprout) hoping to nurse it through the winter.


The flower bulbs have been planted and generously hen manured for anti-squirrel protection. The garlic is sitting in its paper bag still waiting to be planted.


The freezer and pantry are full of preserved food from the garden, that no doubt will be greedily scarfed down long before we begin to reap next year’s garden. I already have delightful anticipation of the arrival of the first seed catalogue.


Today we have our one week delayed Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner, so I am about to cook a massive feast, some from the garden, some from local farms and gardens via the farmers market. But first I need another cup of coffee. Happy autumn.

The Gut Kitty showcases a gratuitous display of the things that went into jars this year:



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3 Responses to Fall arrives with shots of the first frost

  1. Wow, that is a lot of canning you were able to do! How fantastic! Dana

  2. Love your frosty photos

  3. Laurie says:

    The lowest temperature that we have had so far this autumn is 34 degrees F. I’m not ready for a frost, but I guess that I’d better be! It looks like you have quite a variety of preserves. Congrats!

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