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I’m fairly new to the blogosphere so I was pretty chuffed when Adventures We Seek nominated us for an award (even if only due to garden envy LOL!). You should check out their blog if they’re new to you, lots of laughter and a few sentimental tears await you while they recount the adventures of daily life. (Hint: theirs has been pretty adventurous)

We’re one year into our estimated five year mega lawn to garden conversion at our new 100ish year old house and had a blast investing some serious sweat equity this season to grow lots of veggies and filling up the new freezer as well as many jars. We’ve slowed life down from fourth gear to third and have three generations of family living together now and I started to telecommute for work, it’s wonderful, we’re very lucky. We’ve tried making a lot of new things (cheese, red wine vinegar and soy milk to name a few) and now have more photos of the garden, veggies, food, projects and of our cats (The Gut Kitty made an appearance recently at the end of this post) than we do of the kids a thousand times over. We started the blog as we needed an outlet to share and maybe give our friends and family on Facebook a little break from all the #gardenporn posts.

Thanks to everyone who stops by to check in with our blog and thanks to all of you out there sharing lovely stories and beautiful pictures. Love your comments, keep them coming!

But on to the rules, official speeches and a few nominations of my own… Etc.

The rules for accepting the award: **
(** BTW if you don’t want to accept, no hard feelings! :) From some of the comments around I’ve seen, not everyone is a fan of being nominated for these awards and that’s all good. Personally I think they’re sort of a nice chain letter where you hear about new blogs you might want to follow.)

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2) Attach the award icon to your site (ahem.. I still have to figure out how to do that but I’ve included it in this post – help?)
3) Share seven things about yourself and nominate other bloggers.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award nominated by Adventures We Seek

Seven things about us:
1) We, like Adventures We Seek, love James Bond and are eagerly awaiting the latest Skyfall in only a couple weeks. Having a good mental library of Bond quotes is useful at our house. “Don’t touch that! That’s my lunch!” Or Austin Powers quotes, we’re flexible. Or Doctor Who. :)
2) Since we started the blog I can’t stop taking pictures. Of anything and everything. I had to remove the music from my iPad to clear up space. Yes, I’m starting to think maybe I need a proper camera.
3) We still bombard our family and friends too much on Facebook. Today I posted a pic of the red breasted nuthatch now calling our cedars home. New to our yard it was very exciting (LOL!!!) to finally get a picture. (I was tempted to paste in a picture here… must fight temptation…)
4) Turns out that I love twitter and am enjoying the local #HamOnt social media scene – who am I kidding it’s another spot to post veggie photos!!!
5) We love the idea of a River Cottage way of life, plus they post great Veggie porn.
6) I’m always cold in the winter but it was so hot this summer I probably won’t complain as much.
7) Our favourite new vegetables this year are Celaric and pattypan squash.

And on to a few nominations of my own, in no particular order: (remember ** above)
1) – Best blog about ladders ever! Not kidding. Check it out.
2) – Lovely posts with amazing photography.
3) – Beautiful photos paired with insightful poetry.
4) – Lovely photographs and garden inspiration
5) – This blog is an inspirational overload.

Thanks again for visiting and sharing and now I’d like to take the opportunity to share my favourite eggplant photo this year, which I missed adding to a previous post. Cheers!



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9 Responses to Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Thanks again for the nomination, and for sharing some of your favorite blogs. Always nice to discover what others are doing.

  2. summerwindow says:

    Thank you for following my blog. I enjoy reading yours and great photos too!

  3. You are so funny. :) Your garden is an inspiration to us! All I have had were a few veggies I tried planting on our window sill… not so successful. I can’t wait to have a patio (I am sure it will happen before a back yard) where we can figure out how to plan and grow perfect yumminess for our own bellies.
    Love that we have Bond in common!

  4. Congratulations on the award! Thank you so much for including my blog in your nominations…I’ll be back over here later to review the details again.

    And, by the way, your eggplants are lovely! :-) Marsha

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