Dessert worthy of a Meyer Lemon and this and that…

Meyer lemon fresh off the tree

When they’re in season I always grab a couple bags of Meyer lemons and make all sorts of things with them. Cakes, syrups, cocktails, jam, lemonaid, etc. But when there is a Meyer lemon ripe on my small tree I try to find something worthy for it because I only get a few each year. I created this lemon from a fragrant bloom with a little dab of a cotton ball six months ago, watched it turn into a little green berry, wondering if it would fall off as they often do and then it grows and grows and eventually starts to turn yellow. They have a lovely orange hue when they are ripe and the smell when you break the skin with your finger nail is crazy. Re-reading this I might be crazy. :)

All that blather (ha!) to say I have now found the perfect recipe. Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake. It is crazy delicious and only took about a half hour to get it into the oven.

Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake

In other goings on and updates since my last post I finally picked some purple sprouting broccoli and ate it (yum), I made some pomegranate syrup, I harvested the rest of the brussel sprouts, celariac and salsify. The sprouts were mostly small, the celeriac also small, the salsify was okay but the roots seemed a little hairy. I wrapped up the artichokes only to read tonight I should cut them down and mulch them. Tomorrow then. The mushroom kit might finally be sprouting mushrooms (or not) and the wine vinegar smells vinegary in a good way. I placed my first seed order (probably two more to go once I finalize my list). For sure I’ll have a billion more than I have room to plant. There are some sprouts in the cold frame but the critters keep digging under the side and getting in and scratching it all up. So far hen poo outside is not much of a deterrent. May not have much in the way of winter greens.
I’m very much enjoying all of your blogs and your lovely photos in my chair by the fire place in the sunroom.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Frosted Thyme


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5 Responses to Dessert worthy of a Meyer Lemon and this and that…

  1. That pudding looks amazing – just love lemony, tart desserts. Alas, our lemon tree only makes mini lemons, about the size of a quail egg.

  2. I love Meyer lemons…and yes, their fragrance is awesome!

  3. diydumpling says:

    Meyer lemon is surely a thing of beauty…they make a lovely lemon curd for slathering onto to almond cookies.

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