Preserved Lemons

Organic Lemons

There has been a definite upswing in the use of preserved lemons as an ingredient in recipes lately and we’ve been wanting to give them a try for a while. I checked a couple stores and came up empty handed so I perused books and the Internet for instructions to make some. I ended up using the basic recipe from Simply Recipes, but there are lots of others out there.

Ends removed, quartered (not all the way through) ready for salt and squishing into the jar

The basic idea is quartered, but not separated, organic lemons are squishingly jammed into a jar with a whole heck of a lot of kosher salt and completely covered by their own juice (use extra lemon juice if necessary) – sometimes along with spices and water. I went for non-spiced for the first time. In a couple weeks when they’re available I’m going to do another jar with Meyer lemons or limes if the Meyers don’t have enough pith.

Topped off with yet more salt.

The first part of the recipe is fairly consistent between different sources, it’s after that when you have to make some decisions between recipes. For example 1) they should sit out fermenting somewhere between three days and a month before you refrigerate them 2) open the jar daily to release gases or you shouldn’t need to if you use enough salt or no mention 3) turn the jar over several times a day the first fews days or no mention of this at all 4) they will be good for six months to a year in the fridge 5) eat them after six, eight or more weeks.

So… I decided I’m going to turn them up and down at room temp for five days and release the gas daily (there has been gas to release maybe I didn’t use enough salt?!) and them I’m going to pop them into the beer fridge in the basement and release the gas going forward whenever I happen to remember and we’ll try eating them at the eight week mark. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Finished – ready to eat in about 8 weeks.


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5 Responses to Preserved Lemons

  1. I keep meaning to try this, so I can make my tajines a bit more authentic – forward to hearing how these turn out.

  2. Alicia says:

    I finally made these for the first time last winter. They are so good! The only problem I had was some of them floating to the top. Just keep them submerged and all will be fine.

  3. it looks really pretty in the jar. Makes my cheeks hurt thinking about how sour that would be if you took a

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