In Our Garden 2013

March 1st 5PM

March 1st 5PM

While I’ve enjoyed lazing around this winter, like most gardeners I’ve been scouring seeds catalogues, buying more seeds than I have room for and am itching like mad to get back in the garden and CANNOT WAIT until the snow melts.

I finally started the first seeds indoors in pots two weeks ago in my grow room (also my home office as I telecommute) with many more to be seeded over the next couple of months. If you never have before, put a few seeds of your favourite vegetable or flower in a pot this year, but be warned: this is a known gateway drug to full blown gardening addiction. :)

We have about a thousand square feet of veg/fruit gardens and here’s a list of what we’ll have in the garden this year, including perennial plants planted last year. Everything is open pollinated and mostly heirloom. I bought the bulk of my seed below from The Cottage Gardener and West Coast Seeds. I also bought seed from Hope Seeds, Cubits’Tree & Twig and Richters. These are all Canadian companies and I recommend them all without reservation.

Fruit: last year we put in three kinds of grapes, kiwi, gooseberry, raspberry, rhubarb and blueberry – this year I want to add some red currants and find a dwarf apricot. From seed I’ll also grow two types of melon and watermelon.

Tomatoes: 14 types (planning to do a separate post soon)
Tomatillos: green

Greens: arugula, chicory, three kinds of kale, lots of different lettuce head and leaf, spinach and Swiss chard

Herbs: Basil, borage, dill, cilantro, sage, parsley, two thymes, lemon verbena, marjoram, chives

Artichoke: purple Italian from seed and some green ones from last year if they’ve survived the winter
Beans: 11 types (planning to do a separate post soon)
Beets: 3 types albino, golden, chioggia
Broccoli: 3 types, two sprouting one raab
Brussel sprout: roodnerf
Carrots: 7 types (planning to do a separate post soon)
Cauliflower: purple cape
Celery: Redventure – really excited about this one! It’s red and you just let it grow and cut off stalks as you need it
Cucumber: 2 pickling, one eating
Eggplant: Rosa di Bianca and little fingers
Fennel: Florence
Garlic: approx 160 cloves planted in the fall
Leek: bleu de solaise and giant musselburgh
Onion: I planted some Egyptian wandering onions in the fall and from seed there are green onions, Rosa Di Milano, Cippolini and Italian long red Florence
Parsnip: Harris model
Pea: green arrow
Peppers: 5, 3 sweet, 2 hot
Quinoa: red
Radish: polenza and pink beauty
Summer squash: 5 kinds (planning to do a separate post soon with winter squash)
Turnip: purple top white globe
Winter squash / pumpkin: 8 types
Potatoes and sweet potatoes.

We’ll plant a bunch of nasturiums and marigolds around the garden and attempt to grow lots mammoth Russian sunflowers this year again. I’m going to plant some comfrey plants to use for compost tea.I have also bought some cover crop seeds to experiment with, some for over winter others to use during the growing season and will do a separate post on that later.

So that’s all for now, I just wanted to share what we’re going to grow this year. Happy garden planning! Would love to hear what you’ll be growing this year.

Tendergreen bush bean from garden 2012 - green to eat and dried seeds saved for 2013

Tendergreen bush bean from garden 2012 – green to eat and dried seeds saved for 2013


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6 Responses to In Our Garden 2013

  1. That’s quite a list, a lot more variets than I think I will manage, but yet to get a green house to start things off, can’t wait. Anyway hope it all comes up!!

  2. kate says:

    Your list looks a lot like mine. Probably way more varieties than I really have room for. I am so ready for the snow to be gone!

    • Re room I’m still working on the layout and numbers to try and fit them all in! :) Weather is supposed to go above zero here end of next week, hopefully the beginning of the end of the snow.

  3. This is a VERY impressive list! And I love that your seedlings share your office space…the mark of a true gardener~no room in the house is safe from our plants. :-) ~ Marsha

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