Grow Write Guild #2 – Dream Garden

Grow Write Guild – Prompt 2 – Dream Garden (check out the link to You Grow Girl)

When I first considered this writing prompt, a feeling of garden giddiness descended, along the lines of a “if I won the lottery” type of garden fantasy: of course in “dream garden” I’m totally rich so I may garden all day long, I have a gigantic greenhouse, every type of fruit and vegetable one could desire in seasonal abundance, chickens laying eggs in their adorable mini Victorian house coop and a pet pig snarfing down kitchen scraps and of course all the animals get along with our indoor cats. Oh and honey bees because my own garden honey would be amazing so that means there is also huge patches of clover instead of lawn. The dream garden would also have loads of lovely flowers because I tend to focus mainly on food plants these days and only think of flowers in terms of if they are edible, attract bees, feed the birds or are good for the garden in other ways.

But in reality, we actually are trying to build our dream garden here at this house. We moved here back in 2011 and part of the appeal was the large yard we could get in lovely downtown Hamilton that few can afford in downtown Toronto. We have a rough five year plan of getting in all the raised vegetable beds, planting fruit and building up the compost piles. I’ve ordered comfrey plants so I can try to make my own compost tea this year rather than rely on store bought organic mixtures. The are several rain barrels installed and a mason bee house ready for guests. I have several veggie grow-ops spread throughout the house and another grow light arriving tomorrow. Soon there will be some lovely bamboo fencing added to the one fence because the nonstop barking dog next door is assuredly not part of the garden dream (not his fault he really needs to be walked every day) and if I thought my other neighbours read this blog I’d include something about improving the flower gardens out front this year – really it’s on the list this year, I promise.

So our real garden actually is our dream garden, it’s just still a work in process and better than a dream because eventually it will be reality.



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6 Responses to Grow Write Guild #2 – Dream Garden

  1. val says:

    Love this post–and I can see how much you love the place and the work you have put into it from the photo (magic hour). it really illustrates one reason this prompt was so difficult, for me anyway–because we are so attached to our own gardens and what they represent.

  2. Valerie says:

    How nice to be able to say, our garden is our dream garden. It sounds like your having fun creating it.

  3. Wow, that’s great! I love all the things you’re planning for your garden. Sounds like you’re well on your way to making your dream a reality.

    I consider my current garden a practice run for my dream garden. :-) Here’s my dream garden… My Dream Garden


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