Quick Garden Update


I’ve been doing a lot of garden related things and not much blogging lately, but once we get through the initial sowing and planting and things get growing in the garden there should be lots to share and more photos.

So a quick update:
– we’ve planted three fruit trees: apple (5 types grafted onto single tree), apricot and peach – I’m still hopeful I’ll find a yellowish plum
– we’ve planted some fruit bushes: several different blueberry including ‘pink lemonade’ which is pink, gooseberries and currants as well as a couple more raspberries
– about 150 plants I grew from seed are waiting to be planted this week (currently hardening off in the sun beside the deck): a dozen different tomatoes, a few different sweet and hot peppers, two types of eggplants, tomatillos, red celery (REALLY looking forward to this), fennel and artichokes to list most.
– today I’ve sown both the eating and pickling cucumbers and working on getting the five different types of pole beans sown (very sunny and hot today so it’s slow going as I’m already burnt!)
– Andrew has constructed the new vertical garden this weekend (photo at end of post) where there will be many different types of melons, squashes and pumpkins hopefully growing up, up and up using less square footage of garden and increasing our yield.
– The first round of lettuces, peas, Fava beans are up and growing strong and we’re still eating salads from the large patch of early lettuces I started in the cold frame
– Carrots, onions, potatoes and quinoa are also in and darn I just remembered my sweet potato slips sitting in the sunroom still need to be removed from the sweet potatoes and put in water (eek) to root more.
– We enjoyed one meal of the sweetest asparagus I have ever had (the rest will be left to grow and strengthen the roots) and in the spirit of edible gardening we’ve been trying out day lily leaves and wild violet flowers among others.

We hope all the gardeners are having great gardening luck and good weather wherever you may be planting your seeds.

The new vertical garden:


Update: whoops just noticed my finger in the top photo #embarrassing #itwasbrightoutside


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