June in the Garden


Though the blog title suggests otherwise, I was so busy with the garden that I, ahem, missed the March to May “in the garden” posts I had planned on doing. Now all of a sudden it’s June, the garden has exploded to massive levels, pretty much everything is in and I have finally sat down to do a bit of an update.

The garden consists of four rather large raised beds, the newest this year (see below) is the “vertical garden” where melons, squashes, pumpkins and cucumbers will hopefully be soon growing up towards the sky, in greater numbers than last year while using less garden area.


On the same vertical theme I’ve planted more types of pole beans this year (five) than bush types (two) and there is a vertical potato growing experiment (see below) in the works.


It was very exciting to plant a peach, apricot and a five-types of apple on one tree this year and to watch the baby fruit grow. It was less exciting to wake to discover that some beast ate all the baby fruit and damaged the branches (will look into netting next year).




We’ve planted lots of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, brassicas, beans, peas, greens, carrots, onions and some new neat things like quinoa and purple cauliflower. The first asparagus was oh so sweet and I’m wishing the red celery would grow quicker because I’m really looking forward to eating it.
Once the plants get larger and start to produce we’ll post some better pictures… Until then we’ll be dreaming of the first ripe tomato.


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4 Responses to June in the Garden

  1. Sheryl says:

    Your gardens look fantastic!

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